Enjoy our facilities

Enjoy our facilities


Features and facilities

In addition to accommodation facilities, the tavern “Kole” and conference halls, our property consists of several other very interesting and attractive facilities.

The spacious area is dominated by four natural lakes, located in the idyllic foothills. The largest lake is Ivanova voda, and the remaining three are Pajkino jezero, Matkova voda and Trenkuša. Lake Ivanova voda covers an area of 0.5 hectares, which makes it possible to swim in it (its depth is between 3 and 15 meters). Also, it offers various other activities, such as a spectacular and unforgettable wooden boat ride (with an option of breakfast on the boat) or fishing, by arrangement.

For all those who like to indulge in the clear water and in the sun, we have prepared a beautiful outdoor pool. There is a sunbathing area right next to it, equipped with comfortable sun loungers. Who can resist drinking refreshing drinks in such a relaxing environment?

Children will find even more entertainment in Medo’s house, an independent building next to the tavern “Kole”. We built it just for them, named it after children’s favourite toy (Medo means Teddy) and designed it exactly for what they love the most – endless games! Darts, bow and arrow, small wooden chairs and tables, large drawing board, a swing… these are just some of the entertainment options that can last for hours. If we add a winding slide for an exciting descent from the first floor, we will all agree that your children are more than welcome on Raven Breg. For those who are the most persistent, but also for our more mature guests, at the top of Medo’s house there is an observation deck – a beautiful covered terrace, ideal for relaxing in the morning coffee with a view that reaches all the way to the city of Bjelovar.


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Features and facilities


You can enjoy swimming in the clear water of our outdoor pool, but you can also find refreshment in Ivan’s water natural lake. It’s your choice…


Four natural lakes make our property truly special. In our biggest lake, Ivan’s water, we can easily organize fishing. So feel free to try your luck and fishing skills, because – who knows – maybe you get to catch a carp, a perch, a Prussian carp, a sterlet, a silver carp, a rudd or some other fish species.


Having our natural lakes, we thought some of you might want to visit us with a caravan. If you prefer even more direct contact with nature, set up a tent by the water and we will do our best to make sure that you have everything you need. Since we enabled electricity and drinking water for you, we are certain you will find it greatly beneficial.


One of the most desirable outdoor activities, as well as one of the fastest growing trends in the world, is certainly barefoot walking on different surfaces. On our property, you can try an unforgettable experience of walking barefoot on grass that will completely relax you and reduce the accumulated stress.


For all the fans of ‘the most important secondary thing in the world’, we arranged a real grass football field. Located right next to the natural lakes, it provides our guests with an excellent opportunity to have an active holiday and spend time socializing in the fresh air.


In the idyllic beauty of the natural lakes, right next to our biggest lake, there is a beach volleyball field. Therefore, everything is ready for this popular game. Now it’s up to you to form teams and the fun can begin.


For the fans of bike rides, there are bike trails outside the property, but even on Raven Breg there is a short, but completely different trail that will give you lots of fun and laughter. To be more precise, we built a curvy bike trail on a wooden bridge above the water on the natural lake Trenkusi, which is only 1 – 1.20 meters deep.


Roll up your sleeves and get ready for an unforgettable experience that will bring many of you back to the old times. Also, we can organize lawn mowing competitions at Raven Breg, which makes it a perfect activity for your team building program.