Gnijezdo gavrana

Ravens’ nest

Raven breg – Ravens’ nest

The story of Raven Breg is a story of an old standing, successful business, effort and a clear vision of Gavran family to create a magical wedding & business resort in Haganj, a village about thirty minutes’ drive from Zagreb.

While choosing the name of the property, we decided to play with the meaning of our surname in English, since the English word “raven” stands for “gavran”. After that, it was only natural to use the image of this mysterious and intelligent bird, that has been present in numerous mythologies and legends worldwide for centuries, to create a mascot which will represent our brand. We have been reading about this mysterious bird since the 6th century BC, the time of the ancient Greece, when a famous Greek author Aesop wrote the famous fable about the raven and the fox. Raven is also the main character of the famous poem by American writer Edgar Allan Poe (1809-1849).

At Raven Breg, the symbol of raven is everywhere, while our accommodation facilities also carry the names of ravens, even our tavern. There is also a raven at the terrace of our tavern, just to make sure your stay here is comfortable.

How to reach us?

The easiest way to get to Raven Breg is by car. If you are coming from the direction of Zagreb, follow the posts for Bjelovar, leading you to the A4 motorway (Zagreb – Goričan), which you will leave at the St. Helena junction and continue on the fast, four-lane D10 state road. Continue following the posts for Bjelovar and the last few kilometers, you will take D28 state road to Haganj. The distance from Zagreb to Haganj is 50 kilometers, which will require a 30-minute drive. You will use state roads if you are coming from the direction of Bjelovar, Križevci, Čazma or Ivanic-Grad (the junction on the A3 motorway is about 30 kilometers away; which is suitable for our guests coming from the direction of Slavonija).

Check out our Contact us page for a map overview and more information on how to reach us.