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Check out our offer


Features and facilities

Do you want your wedding to be truly special? Do you want it to be held on an extremely romantic place? Do you want it to be unique?

Raven Breg is a perfect choice for those who are looking for a wedding like this, as there are not many places in Croatia that can boast such an offer with great joy and pride as we can. Should you have special requests regarding food, drinks or creation of a magical atmosphere, our experts can offer you a wide range of options. The interior of our wedding tent can be fully adopted to your wishes, whether it is the number of guests, decorations, flower arrangements and everything else that makes one’s wedding day a unique day.

Is there anything more beautiful than waking up in the nature with the one you exchanged your wedding vows with only the day before? Maybe a romantic breakfast in the boat in the middle of a natural lake on our property! Our experienced and professional but above all welcoming and warm staff will do everything to make you feel happy, loved and in love at Raven Breg. For all the newly-weds who want to enjoy the idyllic hills and beautiful views for a little longer on their own, without the guests and the stress related to the wedding organization, we have prepared a longer or shorter stay – a classic honeymoon or a slightly shorter, but increasingly popular, minimoon.

  • a spacious and picturesque property within 30 minutes’ drive from Zagreb
  • a luxury tent for weddings
  • number of guests: 30 – 500
  • a unique photo session in the natural surroundings
  • top gastronomy
  • friendly, professional and expert staff at your service
  • magically decorated with fairy tale wedding atmosphere
  • a large car park for all guests
  • accommodation of up to 16 people in luxurious villas


Features and facilities


If your company has lost its working energy and your employees suddenly find themselves missing motivation, feel free to contact us and choose among several team building programmes we have created.


At Raven Breg, we can offer you two multi-purpose conference halls. The bigger one, in a separate building, is designed for around 40 people, while the smaller one is located on the ground floor of Villa Gregory and it is designed to accommodate around 20 participants. Both halls are air conditioned, equipped with up sound system and all the necessary modern technical devices and gadgets that will make sure your conference runs smoothly (LCD projector, projection screen, flipchart set, free Wi-Fi). During the seminar breaks, the participants can relax in the coffee break area of the lounge bar on the glazed terrace, seated on the comfortable couches and armchairs, or hang out on the charming covered terrace.


Instead of going for a classical option everyone has already seen too many times, why not organize your business event in a stunning atmosphere of Raven Breg? Depending on the number of guests, we can organize your event in different locations within our property, while each of the location will provide your guests with the unique views of the preserved nature. Together with some of our special dishes that can be arranged and prepared by our experienced chefs, you will surely achieve the desired results.


Raven Breg is an excellent choice for organizing different celebrations: birthdays, wedding anniversaries, graduation anniversaries, celebrations of baptism, confirmation, different religious sacraments and other celebrations. We believe your guests will be thrilled when they see the magnificent view of the beautiful natural lakes and hilly landscape from the covered terrace of our tavern ‘Kole’.

  • large and small conference halls, equipped with all the necessary technical devices, briefing room and a small meeting room
  • relaxation areas for coffee breaks (glazed and covered terrace, lounge bar)
  • numerous opportunities for outdoor team building activities
  • top gastronomy; pre-ordered dishes from our tavern “Kole”
  • a large covered tavern terrace with magnificent views of the landscape
  • spacious rooms for safe and carefree children’s play
  • friendly, professional and expert staff at your service
  • a large car park for all guests
  • accommodation of up to 16 people in luxurious villas


Features and facilities

Za što ugodniji boravak, pažljivo smo uredili 8 soba, u kojima je moguć smještaj do 16 osoba. Sve su smještajne jedinice luksuzno namještene. Raspoređene su u trima većim objektima – Villi Gwenn, Villi Gregory i Kući babe Mare, između kojih je brižno održavan okoliš.


This two storey house is usually the first scene that opens to our visitors as there is a parking lot in front of it. On the ground floor, there is the main reception, while on the first floor there is a charming three bedroom apartment. All rooms are air-conditioned, and there is a lounge in the middle, designed for relaxing with a book or watching TV.

The apartment has also got a spacious and luxuriously equipped bathroom, where you will find everything you need for a comfortable stay. There is also a small kitchen available to our guests with the adjoining dining area on the ground floor of Villa Gwen. Make yourselves a breakfast and have coffee on the covered terrace overlooking the entire property. Because you deserve it!


Villa Gregory consists of three double rooms upstairs. All rooms are air-conditioned and equipped with modern LCD TVs and audio systems. The rooms consist of sleeping and working areas, with smartly decorated and luxurious bathrooms that will satisfy your guests’ demands.

Each room has a balcony or a terrace, from which you can watch your children playing in the nearby Medo’s house or where you can simply enjoy the tranquillity and magical views of nature and neatly maintained environment. If you want to relax on comfortable couches and armchairs, even if the weather stops you from enjoying outdoor activities, simply make yourself comfortable in the glazed terrace on the ground floor of the villa.


Baba Mara’s House will accommodate 4 people in 2 modern double rooms upstairs. They provide great views of the cultivated nature surrounding our green oasis of peace. The room on the east has a spacious balcony with a table and chairs, which is ideal for relaxing with a refreshing drink. From the room on the west, you can see the whole property as if it is on the palm of your hand – from the babbling creek and the outdoor pool to the four natural lakes and hills with orchard in the distance.

  • accommodation capacity: 16 beds in 8 rooms (****) in 3 accommodation facilities
  • Villa Gwen: three bedroom apartment for 6 people
  • Villa Gregory: 3 double bedrooms
  • Baba Mara’s House: 2 double bedrooms
  • luxurious accommodation facilities (high quality furniture, modern appliances, free Wi-Fi, lush bathroom amenities)
  • terraces and balconies designed for complete enjoyment and relaxation
  • top gastronomy at our tavern ‘Kole’
  • friendly, professional and expert staff at your service
  • a large car park for all guests


Features and facilities

There is a charming tavern ‘Kole’ within our property. It has got an inner and an outer part, which will catch your eye instantly due to its large covered terrace with masonry oven and probably the best view on the natural lakes in the foothills and orchard in the background.

We prepare and serve pre-ordered dishes and we have become widely recognized for the dishes cooked in our stone oven, grill (suckling pig and lamb), excellent barbecue and our famous grilled carp. In case of bad weather, we will host you inside the tavern, which is air-conditioned. Massive wooden tables and benches together with brick stoves and wooden beams will immediately lift your spirits with its warmth and atmosphere. And the best is yet to come once the plates filled with delicious food are served on your table!